jimtune testimonials




I just wanted to update you on my car since the tune.

As for fuel mileage props to ya on that one Im doing better than I was stock.
I drove the car from Stillwater to Coffeyville then to work everyday for a week with some
 added stuff inthe evening when I took some of the interns for a ride.  So I would say
spirited driving with 3 or 4 runs to 100 and a big burnout.  For that tank I got 18.3mpg.
  Then I checked it once driving from Coffeyville to Stillwater not driving easy by any means
 and running mostly 75 and 80 and got 23 mpg.  Then had a week of mixed
 highway and in town without much full throttle but still driving the
 car pretty decent and got 21.8.  So great mileage and thanks again. 

Drew W.
1996 Camaro LT1 M6
JIMTUNE Cam, Ported STK Heads, JIMTUNE Programming


Hey Jim,

  I just wanted to say Thank You for all the work you've done on the Mustang!

It's an amazing change from the canned tune that was on there when I bought it.
 You're suggestions on basic improvements to the ProCharger setup and upfront
 explanation of costs made this a great experience. The car runs amazing,
and I sincerely appreciate your standing behind your work and re-tweaking the tune.
 The car is great on a daily commute, and a beast when I get on it. Much more linear
 and smooth through the pulls.

It's been 10 years since I had a "Mechanic", someone I could call if I had
questions and who is also able and willing to tackle anything I throw at them.
 It's not easy to find a shop or person like that anymore, but you are the man!

Can't wait to get this thing on a Dyno and see what numbers it's putting down this summer.
 Given my addiction for reliable power, I'm sure we will have plenty of projects in the future.


'05 Mustang GT
ProCharger P1SC @ 14 PSI pulley
GT500 Fuel Pumps
SCT by Jimtune
-460rwhp with all stock exhaust, 100* ambient-


Being a repeat customer and trying to find the right words, and I have to say,
Jim is a true "Craftsman". He takes great pride in his work, and makes sure every
aspect is completed to perfection. Very much like a fine carpenter or artist. That
attention to detail is crucial to optimum tuning.

And he is very proud of the spectacular results, much like a father is proud of a son.
That is very rare in today's world.Jim did the first tune on my '05 V6 Mustang, and I
still stand behind what I said about him then, and even more so today. First of all, I
have to say I regretfully strayed away when I need later additional tuning on my car,
taking the remote tuner/email tune route. While it was "OK", I know the tune was
not optimum and Jim would have done a much better job; plus, Jim's customer
service would have hands-down been much so much better. Recently,when it
came time to need tuning (for an engine swap), Jim was who I contacted, without
hesitation. I will not have another tune from anyone else ever loaded into this car!

Jim is more than just a superior tuner: he also designs some wicked camshafts!
Jim designed one killer set of blower cams for my V8 Mustang! Although temporarily
n/a, the car still pulls like a beast. When the blower eventually goes on, Jim will
do the tuning of course. We both are anxious to see what "our" project will do.

Something like that. Sincere, and true. No bullshit. I understand the meaning
of pride in what you do, and in everything you do now, that prideand care shows.
Keep it up!

Mike Z.
2005 S197
Georgetown, TX


I had Jim recently tune my car and finally got a chance to sit down and write a letter of recommendation for him.
 Seriously, if
you want it done right,
don't even consider anyone else. Even with minor mods. the difference between
 a bad tune and a good tune is night and day.
I have had my car at 2 different tuners, one of them twice!
 After spending $700+ dollars for a poorly running car, I finally got the opportunity to let Jim work on the tune.
Prior to Jim's work,the car was
 backfiring, sputtering, and just overall running terribly.
 Now the power delivery is smooth,
consistent, and reassuring. It's actually fun to drive my ride again.
 I look forward to working with Jim in the future when I add his heads and cams. I will never let anyone but Jim
 touch my car again.

 If you want it done right the first time, take it to Jim and be done with it.

Austin, Texas

2008 Mustang GT, E Force SC system, at 14# boost

FRPP handling pack, FRPP 3.73 gears, Edelbrock E Force w/ JDM upgrade, GT500 fuel system,
 4.6 Aluminator short block, Ford Motorsports clutch, MMR Billet Fuel Rails, Kooks long tube Headers, w/cats and Borla Stingers


The car is running excellent!!! Never better!!!! Idles way smooth, drives much better as well!!!! Has picked up some pull
 on the bottom it seems like as I raced a 2010 ss camaro with headers and exhaust from a 2nd gear take off at 25 mph.
The carpicked up better and quicker!!!! Loving everything about it so far!!!! Thanks again, and I will be saving up some
 money for the summertime to get back with you for some more fine tuning!!!

Thanks again

Mike B.
Duncan, Oklahoma
2002 T/A, with MS4 Cam, Idles at 875



Before I decided to bring my 2004 Corvette to you I spoke to half a dozen shops. None spent the time and effort
 to explain to me what needed to be done to achieve my long term goals vs. what made them a quick buck.
 You gave me advice that not only saved me money, but made me more power than I expected. Your knowledge,
 patience and guidance was most appreciated when I was deciding on my modifications. What impressed me the
 most was the tune. I have had various tunes on previous vehicles done at four other locations over the
 years, none came close. My Vette runs better now than it did stock on the factory tune. No compromises on Cold starts,
 idle, gas mileage, and daily driveability which I have seen in the past. In fact, I picked up about 30 rwhp and
 my gas mileage slightly improved! Thank you for going above and beyond by letting me pick my car up
 after normal business hours. This is by far the best shop experience I have ever had.


David Barthel
2004 Chevy Corvette
Moore, OK


Jim, i would have wrote this sooner but im having a sick day so it actually gives me time
to catch up on stuff!

Well, i just wanted to thank you for the EXCELLENT work you did on tuning my2004 Vette. As you know i had a
 diablo predator handheld tuner installed in my car before,which was okay at first but after some time
 passed it seemed to run like crap. I don't drive my car aggressively very often, but when i do i like the
 performance to be there. What you did was not only fit me in your schedule on short notice when
 you were obviously booked up, but you also took a lot of time to work carefully and methodically
 on my car to give it the best possible tune. What you also did was spend a lot of time asking
 me questions about what it is i really wanted from my car, and the end result is pretty much exactly
 what i wanted from the tune. In a time of record high gas prices, i like the fact that my car runs
 a lot better now since your tune on 91 octane than it did before on 93 octane, which is not only
expensive but hard to find.The overall driveability has not suffered in any way, and the
 fuel economy hasn't either. But the performance has noticably improved throughout the
 powerband. I know you spent a lot of time on my car, and i want to thank you for your thorough
 job on custom tuning it to exceed my expectations. I also want to thank you for spending the last
 year or better talking with me and giving me great advice in regards to my car and also a few
 bits of knowledge along the way. It is no wonder that you came highly recommended, and that people
 would drive hundreds and even thousands of miles to have you work on their cars. OKC
 is lucky to have you here. I'm actively saving my money and looking forward to the future!!

Thanks again and see you around,

Khrys Antrobus
2004 Corvette
Oklahoma City


I was looking for someone to install a Kenny Bell 2.1L SC on my 2001 Mustang Bullitt GT.Jim was recommended to me
 by Members of IMBOC (International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club). I was looking for someone that would do
a no-nonsense and professional install and tune. Two other shops were also recommended to me.
 I sent emails to all three and Jim was the only one that responded in a timely fashion and was ready
 and willing to do the work. One didn't respond at all! I was out of the country at the time and trying
 to order the KB by satellite internet and fax/phone. I had big problems contacting KB (just try to
get them) and although I had already received a quote for install from Jim, I could not
get KB to send me a Tuner Kit. I finally gave up on KB and asked Jim what his recommendation would be.
 He recommended the Paxton Novi 2000 over the Vortech and after investigating the Paxton, I found out
 that they have a lot of years of experience on Mustangs and it was a proven Race Product.

Jim ordered the Polished Paxton for me and I got a few parts together (Clutch, Gauges, etc....).

I was scheduled in for a May 1st appointment and it was going to take 3-4 Days. Jim
was able to get me in early (April 16th) and we agreed that he could keep the car for
2 weeks and take his time working on it. It was only sitting in my garage anyway. I
would still have it back BEFORE my original May 1st appointment.Jim upgraded my
Tuner Kit to use a custom fitted 1.75" Bypass Valve (hose size) as opposed to the
standard smaller valve provided in the Kit. He custom fitted this into the 4" Power
Pipe,and went ahead and gloss black powdercoated the pipe after fabrication. Jim
and his staff did a super install of the system and there are no loose wires or
botched work done at his shop. He went out of his way to please me and spent
many hours over what he had quoted and stood by his quote. My car runs GREAT
on my 93Safe Tune and I have a 93Race Tune along with a 91Safe Tune, written
and loaded into the SCT XCal2 .I could not be more pleased with the service
and the professionalism of Jim and his staff's hard work. Jim certainly made sure
that I was pleased, and that is hard to do! He stood by his Quote and delivered on
the agreed time. The car is scary to me now and the power is awesome! When I get
used to it, I will have to go back to Jim for some more goodies! I recommend Jim
Paschall for all your Mustang upgrades and his great and safe Tunes. He spends
many hours getting each and every one of these Tunes exactly right. He is not like
many other shops who only spend an hour or two to tune a vehicle, and the
results speak for themselves.

I hear he is also good with Corvettes!

A. Allen (P-51 Bullitt) Sadler, TX
2001 Mustang Bullitt GT (#3206) - Black - "1 of only 1818 Made"



You did a great job on my Cobra Terminator. The supercharger pulley install and tune are incredible. The full length subframe
 connectors you installed are awesome as well (the Cobra is tight and runs on rails). Everything was installed as promised
 and the delivered product is clear evidence of your attention to detail and the pride you take in the quality of your work.

The tune has exceeded my expectations. The Cobra runs much smoother than it did prior to the tune
 (at idle and under mild, moderate, and heavy acceleration). More importantly, the pulley and tune have resulted in an
 unmistakeable and significant increase in torque and horsepower that is easily felt in the "seat of the pants". I could not
 be more pleased with the results!

You now have a customer for life. As a road racing enthusiast, I think we are very fortunate to have a
 high performance tuner of your caliber right here in Oklahoma City.

Thanks again for the great work.

Fred R. Gipson, Esq.



Where to start? First, allow me to again thank you for the outstanding job you did with my tune. It really took a lot for
 me to fathom driving over 2,400 miles round trip for a tune and not knowing what the final outcome was going to be.
 After the tune you provided it was certainly worth every penny spent and every mile driven.

Prior to your tune, I had three different big name tuners on the east coast work on my 2000 CORVETTE's tune 
with little success and quite a bit of money spent. The car surged really bad in lower RPMs, stalled
 more times than I can count and overall didn't run the way the car should. After numerous posts on
 different websites, you posted a reply and our friendship began. Your upfront and very frank approach
 during our conversations is what got me to make the trip. Everyone else I spoke with said,
"Yeah, I can tune it bring it up." None of these folks asked questions about the setup, what it was doing and
 when it was doing it, you just seemed more concerned about the little things. Thank you for that
 concern and helping me make my decision easier on making this journey.

Once I arrived to your shop at 7:30 pm, you immediately started working on my tune and continued the next morning
 and continued tweaking the tune until 7:30pm the next day. I was extremely impressed with your drive and attention to
 detail on my car. Your product (the tune) was amazing. My car now starts up every time with no stalling,
 no surging and even after a cold start I can put it into gear and drive it if I choose too.
 I feel like I am driving a new car. I truly appreciate the confidence I now have for my highly modified car with a large cam.

During the trip to your shop I burned a quart of oil. After your tuning and my trip back to
 Charleston, SC, I burned no oil and averaged 28.7 mpg. Not bad for a car that has my
 aggressive cam and a set of worked heads as well as a complete intake system and
 LT headers. The car is wicked at WOT and unrecognizable compared to my previous tunes.
 I truly appreciate the work you did and I HIGHLY recommend your services to anyone out there
 having troubles with their cars/tunes.

Thank You!

Micah Herron

2000 Corvette A4
US Navy
Charleston, South Carolina

BTW - The National Championship shirt is in the mail. GO GATORS!


I had a G5X3 cam installed about a year ago at LG. While at WOT the car was a beast. At
part throttle I had serious surging, bucking, would not idle at all below 1050 rpm's, and
would die on restart if the engine was still warm or hot. Would only stay started by
holding down accelerator pedal keeping the rpm's above 1500 for about 15 to 20 seconds
 after restarting. After several conversations with Micah (MPH1972), I went to Oklahoma
City and had it tuned by Jim Paschall. Not only does my Vette idle without surging or
bucking but it idles at 750 rpm. Restarts right up when warm or hot. I was
not looking for any more horsepower but rather stable characteristics at part throttle.

Well, I was totally surprised at the dyno sheets. The tuning was accomplished using
 HP Tuners software and a Mustang Dyno. Initial dyno pull results were 377 hp and 351 tq
with the previous tune. After Jim retuned the Vette he did repeated heat soaked motor
pulls and the results were 387 hp and 363 tq. Allowing the motor to cool down to the
lowest operating temperatures (while idling), the highest power numbers were 394 hp
and 363 tq. Not bad for a cam only Vette on a properly calibrated Mustang eddy current
loaded dyno. Jim did an excellent job, very professional and extremely knowledgeable.
If you're on the fence about getting a tune, I would not hestitate to travel to Jim to do

D. Douglas
2000 Corvette A4, G5X3 cam
Little Rock, AR


I gotta give Jim some props. I went in Saturday for a re-tune, following the installation
of the long tubes. The car runs great!! Gains were consistant all throughout the graph.
I thought that the LT's would cost me some low end TQ, but that is not the case. I am
very pleased.There are a couple of you (you know who you are), who definitely need
to go pay Jim a visit. I know he would do wonders for your cars.

K. Hill
04 Mustang Mach1


Well Jim exceeded all my expectations. I was hoping to see 242rwhp. After about 2hrs of tuning Jim
 had me at 269rwhp and 281tq. What was more impressive than that was the
drive home. The driveability of the car was AMAZING. No more surging and just flat out dying.
 The car accelerated so smoothly. THE most important thing is that it took me 1/2
tank to get there and 1/4 to get back. I fell in love with my car all over again!!


B. Mann
Muskogee, OK
2002 Mustang GT, stock, with Comp Stage 1 Cams



I just wanted to say thanks for everything, especially helping me avert the potential problems with my engine in the future.
 Based on the original tune of the engine, I would have surely had issues. After the tune, the car was
 noticeably changed, with no fear of detonation. For a low-mileage car, I was surprised at how much better
the car ran than with the factory settings. Not that it ran bad before, but it was much smoother, there was
no more "lurching" when cruising in higher gears at lower revs, the transition from on and off throttle
 was smooth and jerk free, it pulls smoothly and effortlessly throughout the entire rpm range, etc.
 Being slightly modified, I needed assurance that all was in order with the car before I pushed it,
 or put many miles on it. Now I have no question whether or not the car is safe,
 and if I have concerns that something is amiss, I know where to turn.

That leads to my next praise, which is your communication. You've been extremely open, honest, and
 always available to answer any questions, comments, or concerns I may have. That is as important to me as anything.

Thanks Jim,

K. Johnson

'04 Mustang Cobra, Ford Racing Whipple Supercharger (13.5 lbs boost), Magnaflow Catback, K&N CAI


I took a trip yesterday to see Jim Paschall in Oklahoma City. Jim was the guy who finally got my 426 Hemi fuel
 injection and charging issues sorted out a while back and I was impressed with his skill and determination.
 After a 3 1/2 hour cruise up there,( top down of course), Jim loaded the SSR on his dyno and strapped it down.
 His dyno is a Mustang model and he figures in such things as vehicle weight and aerodynamics when
 setting the load for the vehicle to pull against. If you are looking for bragging numbers, this is not the dyno to use,
 but if you are looking for real world tuning and results then this is the way to go. Jim asked me what I
 was looking for and I explained that I wanted to rid myself of most of the torque management,
 change the lockup application on my converter to reduce heat and change some other
transmission functions. I also wanted the engine tuned to take advantage of my true
 dual exhaust and K&N cold air kit. His tuning efforts were a great success and
 we got an extra 20hp at the wheels over the stock tune. I really love the part throttle difference
he made as the engine feels much more responsive. He raised some WOT shift points and brought
the fan on at a lower temperature. Overall I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend
 his services to anyone looking to maximize the potential of the SSR or any other vehicle.
He is sometimes hard to reach since he always so busy, but his results are worth it.

Greg D

2005 LS2, Chevy SSR

Weatherford, TX



To say that you are a professional that ranks at the top of his field is at best an understatement. Until
 I met you I figured that all tunes were the same. I figured that any mail order chip could do the same thing
 that a custom tune could do. Before meeting you I also believed that there were no good speed shops in Oklahoma.
 You have proven me wrong on both counts. You are an utmost professional and a perfectionist. Sadly, this is
 an extremely rare trait when it comes to performance shops. It was refreshing to see an individual that
 was not solely motivated by profit and greed, and you truly care about your customers. You treated
 me with the utmost integrity and honesty and for this I am deeply grateful. You trouble shot
some major, yet not obvious problems that I and many other shops would have overlooked. This saved
me major time and money. I have never driven a supercharged car that had the power as well as
 the drivability that you were able to give my car. I was also amazed that you do so much more than
 simply tune cars. Your automotive knowledge is astounding. Your knowledge, professionalism,
integrity, and work ethic means that I will never again allow anyone other than you work
 on my car. I not only recommend you I URGE people to use you for any performance need. Sincerely,

Jason M.

Vortech S-Trim Supercharged 2001 Mustang GT
Oklahoma City, OK



Man, I hate to see you've gone to Oklahoma. Having you in Austin was awesome.

Sooners win again, huh?

Anyway, thought I'd drop you a line and tell your new locals about my

experience with my Corvette. Your shop vs the local hot rod shop I used to

go to. Some of your customers may watch the TLC show "Overhaulin'". The

"other guys" shop was recently on Overhaulin', doing Lance Armstrong's GTO

overhaul. Irony. I bring this up because, even though they have a good reputation,

and I have no complaint about their "mechanical" skills, they were clueless on how

to make my computer tune right with my freshly modified 350. $6500.00 dollars

and 6 weeks later, the engine made good power, but it overheated and the idle

loped up and down. Drove me nuts. Funny how things go. Spent all that money and

was just really frustrated. Ya know?

It really bites to be sitting at a light, left foot on the brake, holding it back so it

doesn't run thru the intersection when the engine "lopes" up, tapping the throttle

with my right foot so it doesn't die when the engine"lopes" down. Yeah. Well, there

is a God in heaven, cause not long after that, I ran into one of your customers in the

parking lot of Super WalMart one day and after he listened to me bitching about my

Vette, he turned me on to your shop. You had my Vette running right the FIRST time

you tuned it, and you did it for practically nothing, compared to the famous guys at

the other shop. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your work, hate to

see we've lost your shop to Oklahoma. Glad to hear you still get down here.

Rody Whitfield

Jarrell, Texas

85 Corvette, modified 350



I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my car since you tuned it. To say you tuned it

is an understatement. I've always been aware of how important a tune is with these new computerized

cars but it just amazes me how that not only does it make the car run better and more efficient but in

my case it was the difference between running boost and no boost. You made things happen with my

stock computer that everyone else said could only be done with an AEM. My 2001 Twin Turbo Mustang

has been a huge project for me and until you got a hold of it nothing was coming together. It was like

having a room full of money but no one knew where the key was-useless. You sir, were the key to

unlocking the potential of my Mustang. I have been so impressed with the customer service that I have

received and never once have you turned me away when there was a problem. It shows that you take pride

in my car as I do, because of the work that you have put into it, and I know we will both be well rewarded

on our next trip to the track (whether it be low 10's in the 1/4 or high 9's). Which brings up another point.

I don't know many shops that take time out of their work schedule to come to the track and watch their

customer's cars run down the track and you have done that for more customers than just me and I think

thats awesome! I could go on and on about how happy I am with your work on my car but I think my point

has been made.

Thanks Jim,

Ross C.

2001 Mustang GT 5.0 Mod 2V, Twin Turbo

Austin, Texas

(Street Tuned in it's fastest trim)


I seldom give testimonials, since the total customer experience is usually lacking in some regard.

However, when someone does outstanding work and provides excellent customer service, I like to

give my personal complements and let them know how good of a job they have done and how satisfied

I am. And I naturally tell others about my positive experience. Anyone who does their best to make

someone else happy is a true professional. Jim is such a professional. While he really knows his tuning

and takes great pride in his work, there were a few things that really impressed me about the overall

customer experience.

One was taking the time to understand the vehicle, what it does, how it drives, what it is capable of,

where it can be improved, and anything that does not sound or feel right. Another was creating a tune

that was safe for the car, while improving overall performance and drivability. ("Safe for the car"...think

about that for a moment; how many other 'tuners' would just push parameters to potentially dangerous

values just to get more HP, at the possible expense of damaging the vehicle?) And finally was the overall

customer service, especially after the initial tune. When the tune had a problem that would occur under

certain conditions that I would push the vehicle through, Jim worked with me to find out what was going

on and under what conditions.

Jim updated the tune, completely resolving the issues. Then, he followed up several times afterwards

to ensure no other problems exist. This willingness to spend the extra time and effort to make sure things

are right says a heck of a lot about a person; not only do they take pride in what they do, they also want

their customers to be completely satisfied. I am one such customer, and would recommend Jim to anyone

for their tuning needs. I'll be back to see Jim for future business!

Mike Z.

2005 Mustang V6 A4

Georgetown, Texas



I talked to Jim last March about tuning my SVT Contour after completing the engine swap.

Jim is currently tuning onsite. He arrived at my house at about 1pm. I removed the front O2 sensor and installed
the wideband sensor he provided. We drove around the block to check part throttle AFR. Everything looked OK,
 so Jim began working on a rough draft program. 2 very big differences with the new engine compared to
 the old.... 1st, it has 20% more displacement (2.5L to 3.0L) and 2nd, it has a much larger intake tract. We took the car for a spin down the highway and returned. Jim would make changes, we'd go for another test drive, decide what was better and what was worse, then come back and make more changes.

Working at a relaxed and casual pace, Jim spent about 4-5 hours with me making adjustments to the ECM
 programming. I'm sure if I hadn't been there looking over his shoulder and asking
 eleventybillion questions, he could have done it in half the time.

I opted for an X-cal2 tuner so if I ever need changes made to the program, Jim can email them to me. The flash
 tuner seemed like the best choice since this is a permanent change... I don't need a chip, and I'll never
 return to the stock tune. The X-cal2 also allows me to make some changes to fuel and
 timing on my own, as well as check and clear codes and data log.

Jim is certainly a knowledgeable guy. He really likes what he does. I'd say he's pretty damn good at it too.
 If you like discussing the finer points of internal combustion engines, and like to get your
 hands dirty, Jim is the guy to go to when you need custom tuning. If you have some pretty
 off the wall opinions or don't know $hit about what you are talking about and let it
 flow freely.... well, I'm sure Jim will glady accept your money and provide you with a great tune anyway.

-Luke M.

Burnet, TX

99 Ford Contour SVT 3.0

(Street Tuned)


Hey Jim, thanks for the tune. The car is running great and you wouldn't believe the throttle response. I took
it to the track at Temple/Academy and had a .0392, .1190, and .1686 reaction time. My times weren't that
 great due to a rookie driver that can't shift and a greasy track, but I still managed a 13.85 at 103mph.
 I think the car is capable of high 12's to low 13's, just not with me in it. I also like knowing that I can
 thrash on it a little bit, because the air/fuel ratio is steady across the board now. I know I didn't gain
 huge peak numbers, but I wanted a real safe tune and everything I did gain was across the board.
 I just can't believe how much better the car runs now with the tune. Everything is smoother
and without hesitation. Thanks again.

Brent M

2003 Mach1

Austin, TX

USMC, Iraq Theater


I want you to know that I am very impressed with your work, and even more so with your diagnostic skills.
 I spent almost four years building this Mustang, piece, by piece in my garage. When I reached the
 point where I couldn't figure out that clattering noise or get the car running right, I nearly gave up.
 I feel very fortunate that I happened upon your shop. The car now runs exceptionally well after
 your tune and is surprisingly streetable. It is also very consistent. It finds that perfect idle right
 away every time it starts up. This is something I've never experienced from any highly modified
 Fox Mustang I ever driven or owned. It pulls hard throughout the entire power band. I can't
wait to see what a little more boost will do! Anyway I just can't say enough about
how pleased I am with the the results and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks again!

Blake S.

1986 Mustang GT, 331 Paxton SC

Austin, Texas


I met Jim in April of 2005 while on a business trip. The family and I were moving to TX from CA and I
 was looking for a tuner for my cars(92 blown GT and an NA 03 Mach 1). After talking to Jim over the
phone for a few months and meeting him in April, I purchased an Xcal 2 via mail order. He called to
check the status of tune. I have a wideband so we dialed in the A/F with another tune(he sent it by email).
 Jim's customer service is great and Jim has been tuning cars since before tuning cars was popular.
 The 92 never made it to him because of a problem with the engine builder but, as soon
as it's on the road, that road will lead to JimTune.

Charles W.

2004 Mach 1, 1992 Mustang GT

Austin, TX


Hey Jim, just wanted you to know how my car is running since my tune last Monday. Took it to San
 Antonio Raceway last night. My best run was a 14.40 at 97mph, I was hoping to go faster but
 I think the weather had a lot to do with it. I was impressed with the smoothness and consistent
runs that I made all night. Last night was the Domestic shootout bracket race
 and I won it. I attribute my first win to the tune, because like I said it ran consistent all night.

My shift points and shift firmness are perfect. Again, thanks for the great job that you did on my car.
 When I'm ready for a CAI or nitrous kit you'll be the shop I use.

Thanks Again,

Dwayne F.

2004 Mustang GT, A4 Trans

Austin, TX


I just wanted you to know how extremely satisfied I am with the results of the upgrades and tuning of my
 04 GTO performed by Jim. I ran across Jim while looking for a quality replacement of my sons 01
 Chevy Silverado exhaust. He provided valuable guidance and installed a JBA cat-back
 system and suggestions as next steps and then we discussed my GTO.

I had installed a K&N cold air intake and SLP 85mm MAF and then turned it over to Jim.
 After adding JBA shorty headers,Corsa cat-back exhaust, NGK plugs, 160* thermostat and
 tuning to my 5.7L, I am amazed at the difference the increase of 43.7 HP and 56.4# of torque
 makes (now at 275.8 RWHP/290.9#). The Dyno graphs impressed me, but the driving experience
 improvement is simply great. The engine is running smoother than ever. I have noticed an
 increase in pickup and response while driving in traffic; highway accelerating was like a
rocket not to mention passing power!

I didn't really engage in this project to improve gas mileage, but this week I clocked an increase
 to 27.1 MPG at an average speed of 71.3 MPH; my previous best was 24.5. Jim prides himself on
customer service and it is very apparent. He noticed a possible anti-freeze leak and pointed it out. Then, I
 was blown away when I was called a few days after the work was completed just to see how everything
 was going and to see if I was pleased with the way my car now runs. This summer, my son's
 Silverado will be back for tuning; who knows whats in store for my wife's T/A.

Chuck L

2004 Pontiac GTO

Round Rock, TX


Hey Jim, just wanted to tell you thank you for fixing my car on Saturday! A big thank you goes out to
 you from me and my wife. You are a straight up guy and I deeply appreciate your help. My car runs good!!
 I will also be contacting you in a couple of days to let you know how the car has been running. I ran around
 in it all day long yesterday and it did not surge, idle rough, or stick at all with the AC on. Car runs
 smooth and feels strong too. I noticed it does not hesitate anymore either at around 4000 rpm or so.
 Once again, THANK YOU. You dont know how happy I am to have my car running the way it should be!
Thanks to you, I did not have to pay any more money with the big name tuner I first went to in San Antonio.
 All my business and money will definitely be seeing you and your shop from now on.
 Jim, you are a great guy, NICE shop, and you have great CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Xavier T.

2004 Mustang GT

San Antonio, Texas


Sound Byte

Jim knows his shit and every one that has ever seen him work knows that. One of my friends just got done
getting a dyno tune on his Mustang GT from Jim. The first day he was working on a 2004 F150 and
didn't quit till it was done (around 9 or so I think). Jim is like a Bulldog when he sinks his teeth in
 something-he won't let go till it's done and done right. Then he got the Stang on the lift and the
 first thing he did was look it over to make sure it was safe to run. He found a few things that
 needed to be done and fixed what he could that night and we didn't get out of there till
 around midnight. The next Saturday he dyno tuned the car and to see him work on just
a tune, will show you that you get more than what you pay for. He ran the car at least
 6 times and it took about 3-4 hours. Unlike most tuners he does every car on a per
 car basis not by using a canned tune, but every vehicle is tuned from scratch,
 and each tune is unique to each vehicle.


2001 Mustang Cobra

Austin, Texas


Hey Jim,

I just thought I'd let you know the miles per gallon of my truck after you tuned it and after I quit
 mashing down the gas...lol. Driving around town  I now get 16.3 MPG when I used to only get about 15 or so
 and I couldn't help but let my lead foot loose a few times. I haven't had a chance to check it on
 the highway, but I used to get about 19 MPG with an average speed of 80 MPH or so and I have a
 feeling it will definitely go up as well. I also wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did
 and getting it done in time for me to get to my class, too. The numbers weren't
 super high, but it's never driven this good. It accelerates faster and runs better at higher speed.
 There's nothing like the customer service you provide and quality you put
 into your work. I'll be seein ya later for the T/A and maybe even a little more for the truck.

Wayne L

2001 Silverado 4.8 A4

Round Rock, TX


I went to CCS Tuning in Pflugerville (just outside of Austin) to have my Steeda U/D pullies
 installed and to have a proper dyno tune done
Jim knows his stuff!! He took his time and
 did it right! In fact I was there the entire day, I didn't mind really. I'd rather spend the
 whole day there once rather than having to go back to correct things a couple times.

At one point while installing the pullies he realized he didn't have the right tool to reinstall the
harmonic balancer, so we went down to Harbor Freight and he got what he needed,
 then we had lunch. He also fixed a vacuum leak I didn't know existed.

It was a bit scary when he had my MM on the dyno. At 125 mph, she roared!
 I could feel the ground vibrate.

The ride is nice and smooth, the shifts are firm, and she runs like a bat out of hell,
 and most importantly, the tune is safe! I had some detonation in the base run,.. it's gone.

I think the way she drives is far more important than the dyno numbers. I guess I'm gonna have
 to go the the track now, to see what she'll run. Trust me. She'll run..

Maybe I'll go to a Dyno jet and do a few pulls just for shits and grins.
 My guess is: 265-270? on a dyno jet?

Bottom line: My Marauder runs 100% better than with the Super Chips Micro tuner and I found a new tuner that'll do the job right!

Tom H.

2003 Mercury Marauder

Killeen, TX


I took my car in there with a horrible idle surge. Almost everytime I would come to a stoplight it would die on me.
 I won't even talk about how it would die again when I would try to start it up after that and people
 behind me would be honking and getting mad. It wouldn't even stay running long enough to make a
 pull on the dyno. Jim hooked me up with some of his tuning skills and chips and the car idles perfect now.
On the way back from Austin, I was stuck bumper to bumper on I35 stopping and starting for 4 miles
 and it didn't die once. It's so nice to be able to drive it again and not worry about it. Also even though it
only picked up a few hp on the dyno it feels a lot stronger. The power comes on much much smoother and it
was more responsive especially on the low end. I could swear it picked up 20hp. Unfortantely my tranny
 seems to be going out so that might have affected my numbers as well. Customer service was
 unbeatable with Jim being very friendly and making the extra effort and time to help me out.
 Every other place i've been to I felt like i was on the back burner and unimportant because I didn't
 have a 10 sec race car, but not here. Anyway Thanks again to Jim. I'll be back there soon to have a new tranny installed.

Ryan F

San Marcos, Texas

1992 Mustang GT, H/C


I just wanted to let you know how very satisfied we are with the results of your tuning of my Mustang
 last Saturday. It turned out to be a long day, and when we started out the car would hardly idle, but by
 the end of the day you had coaxed a considerable increase in horsepower and torque from my high
 mileage 5 liter Cobra, and not only is the car pulling stronger than ever, but as you said, it would run
 smoother than it had before. Now the car idles as smoothly as a Town Car, and pulls strong all
the way to the rev limiter (as I quickly found out on my first test spin around the block). And
the sub frame connectors you installed tightened up the whole car, noticeably improving the handling.
 I am really looking forward to testing the car at the SVT on-track event at Texas World Speedway this summer.

I guess it?€?s time to start saving up for the 347 stroker I'll be looking into next year.

Mike L.

94 Mustang Cobra

Austin, Texas


I was looking to get a tune done to my 2004 Mach 1 and I was told about CCS by a friend. I am glad
 he sent me. It was nice to gain the 25 hp from the tune but that is not what made me happy. CUSTOMER SERVICE
is what made me happy. I cannot begin to say how good it is that there are still people whe give
 a damn about what their work and what they sell.
Jim is proud of his work and his shop, and it shows.
 How many people call you a few days after the sale just say hi and to see if you are happy with
 the work they did??? Jim did.. Who would work all day then drive 80 miles just to see his
customer race the car and see how it runs??? Jim did. BTW, I let Jim run it a couple
 of times at the track, he is a good driver as well as a great tuner. Thanks again Jim!!!

Buddy Fillmore

Austin, Texas


I would recommend anyone who wants a quality dyno tune to go to Jim at CCS Tuning. He will work all night
 if that is what it takes to get the job done. He will make sure that the job is done right the first time. He even went to
 the the track with me and adjusted my tune right there to make sure I had the safest and best tune possible. Again thanks alot Jim!

Shawn S.

2004 Ford Lightning

Fort Hood, Texas


Post this email from a satisfied customer on your website if you'd like.

I recently picked up my 91' 5.0 from a local performance shop. They did some maintenance and
performance bolt-ons. The car ran horribly. After two failed attempts at said shop to revive my Stang,
 I was told I would have to go out of town to have it tuned. Through Austin Area Stangs website, I was
 referred to DA MAN, aka Jim [CCS TUNING]. I met Jim in 1999, at which time he installed one
of his chips, and some other tasty bolt-ons to the above mentioned Mustang. The car ran like a
 bat out of hell. I lost contact with him until I recently found him online. We set up an appointment
 to have it tuned. He immediately noticed that the vacuum lines were rerouted incorrectly
 [leaving the EGR wide open] from my last visit to the 'local performance shop', which will remain
unnamed for professional courtesy. He fixed that problem, and tuned the car on his dyno.
 Now she runs great, with plenty of added pep. If you guys have any kind of
 problem with your vehicle, or just want it to perform up to it's capability, JIMTUNE is the place to go.

Rev Stu

91 Mustang GT

Austin , Texas



I have to say that you exceeded my expectations with the work on the Lightning. I really was not
 expecting such a dramatic increase in the way the truck runs. The power increase on paper although
 impressive does not really reflect the dramatic increase that you made to the driving experience.
On the way home I noticed narry a knock or ping from the motor and it idles better to boot!!!! I will
 be singing your praises every chance I get. ( Think you can do anything with my Porsche 968 ?)
Think about it and let me know. Maybe on a slow week I can let you have her for a
 while to play with. I would love to breathe a little more life into that little motor. )
 It has been a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your suggestions
 and honesty about the truck and the parts that we used and didn't use.

Thanks again

Ford S.

2002 Ford Lightning

Cedar Park, Texas


Hi Jim,

I am very pleased with my truck performance since you installed the cold air intake,
 and reprogrammed the computer.
All my friends and coworkers
 know about the excellent job you did and I am
sure you will be getting
 work from some of them in the near future.
Pulling the 35 foot travel
 trailer is much easier now and my fuel mileage
has increased.


David C.


2002 Chevy Suburban 5.3 A4

Houston, Texas


Jim, I just wanted thank you for the tune on the old bucket. I noticed a definite

improvement right away. I would have to say that this was the best bang for the buck.

Considering what these other flash tuners cost and what you get, the custom tune from SWT

is the only way to go. I was finally able to get below the 14.2 and hit that 13.6

in the 1/4 mile. I was never able to do that before the tune. I would recommend JimTune

to anyone who is serious about getting every horse out of your car. You

can't afford not to!

Ross C.

2001 Mustang GT

Austin, Texas


Dear Jim,

Just a note of thanks for being true to your word and repairing a car the "experts" could not fix. The reason for
fuel injecting this 426 Hemi was to gain some driveability
and reliability, two factors the original
 engines did not readily conform to "back in the

As you know, I spent thousands of dollars and many frustrating weeks with some factory-trained
 fuel injection specialists who claimed my car was "fixed", but could not make the
car idle, hold a charge, or perform the same, from one minute to the next. I was very
disappointed to think that I had spent so much time and money on a fuel injection system
that ran worse and less reliable than any carbureted system I had used. I was so burned out
on this project that I was gathering up parts to change back to the carbureted setup. I checked
on your website, and thought I would gamble a phone call to see if I could get another
perspective on my fuel injection problem, before I threw in the towel.

When you told me you were the guy who brought things to no one else could fix, I thought
well, either the guy knows his stuff, or I'm about to get hosed again.
There is a saying that goes something like "It ain't braggin', if it's true", and sure enough
you were true to your word and fixed all the problems in my fuel injection and charging systems
just as you said you would. I have been messing around with old cars for 30 years and it is not
often you can find someone to rely on to do just what they say they can, on time, and on budget.

You exceeded all of my expectations and rewarded me with a fine running car I can drive anywhere,
and for that, I am very grateful. I like your no B.S. approach to problems and your straightforward
and sometimes colorful response to my questions. I will not hesitate to recommend your services
to anyone looking for a tuner with knowledge, talent, and integrity. Feel free to use me as a reference
to anyone who doubts your ability to get the job done!

Sincere Regards,

Greg Ducato

1967 Plymouth Satellite, 426 Hemi, w/ Accel EFI

Phoenix Transmission Products

Weatherford, Texas


JIM DOES IT AGAIN!!!! (Excerpt from Lone Star Stangs Message Board)

Well, after two days, and long nights, the Saleen is finally tuned and runnin strong!

Jim did an OUTSTANDING job on the car, as he always does. Sally (my car) put down 284 rwhp

and 327 lbs of torque! Keep in mind this is on a Mustang Dyno, and on a hot engine, as well.

I'm happy for now, a Kenne Bell is gonna be the next addition. But yeah, Jim did a SUPER job

and I would recommend him to anyone, he undoubtedly knows what he is doing, and bends over

backwards to get the job done, too!!!!! Like a I had a hole in my intake tube for a sensor

which was not in use, and I made a remark, saying man I need to get this welded up, so what

does Jim do? He goes over, turns on the welder, and hooks it up. Now that's customer service,

if I ever saw any. Keep up the great work, Jim!! Thanks!!

Jake C.

2002 M90 Supercharged Saleen Mustang

Fort Hood, Texas



Just wanted to give you an update since the custom tuning.
The car is running great! I was a little surprised with the pickup and response in daily driving.
I had hoped for a little more peak HP gain, but you can really feel a good bit of difference in the lower gears and in traffic.
And knowing that the car is really dialed in gives a piece of mind, particularly when running it hard.
It seems like we had the gains almost from the first tune, but I'm glad you spent the extra hours tweaking it to make sure.

That extra effort really makes it worth it.

I'll be back for more (once I convince the wife.)


David R.

2003 Mustang GT

Austin, Texas